Council to Discuss Abandoned Houses, Upgrading Radios

 DECATUR-The vacant house next door to Gerald McIntyre's will soon meet it's end.  Weeds choke what used to be a yard. A tree impales the crumbling roof.
The city will use federal dollars to take down the house on Maffit Street.
"At least they're beautifying the city and making the property value around it more, " McIntyre says.
The city is spending 750 thousand in federal grants to demolish dozens of abandoned properties.  City Manager Ryan McCrady says they'd like to add 100 thousand dollars to the effort, "to tear down some houses that are maybe more difficult with federal funds."
In the long term the city plans to look at redeveloping those vacant lots.
At tonight's meeting the council is also talking about upgrading the city's radio system.  The plan was put on hold  after  a lightning strike  knocked out service  to the Motorola radio system.  But  the company says  it  has fixed the problem  and council members  could vote tonight  to buy the new radios.

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