Election 2014: Your Choice to Support School Referendum

Funding schools across Central Illinois is a hot button issue and many people will vote on school referenda in the November general election.

WAND's Brigette Burnett broke down some of the facts before voters head to the polls.

Back in March, voters turned down the 1% sales tax hike for schools in Coles, DeWitt, and Effingham Counties. This November, three more counties will try to get the school sales tax passed. Voters in Moultrie, Piatt, and Morgan Counties will consider a 1%  sales tax increase for schools.

Meantime, Monticello school board members want $40 million in school building bonds. Therefore if you live in the Monticello school district, which could be in DeWitt, Piatt or Champaign Counties, you will vote on it.

Forty-million dollars is no chump change, but compare that to nearly $149 million in school building bonds that will be on the ballot in Champaign. School leaders hope to build a new high school and renovate an existing one with the money. If the referendum passes, that money would be paid back through an increase in property taxes.

Further East in Edgar and Vermilion Counties, a majority of voters have to circle yes in order to combine Jamaica and Catlin school districts.

Tuesday, October 17, 2014 is the last day to register to vote. However, you can still register up until election day. You'll just have to vote at the same time. Early voting runs from Monday, October 20th through Sunday, November 2nd.
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