Nazi Flags Fly At Arcola Home

Arcola – It's a Douglas County community that pays tribute to the red, white and blue.  One neighborhood battles symbols represented by red, white and black.

“That's the symbols of hate,” one resident told WAND News reporter Doug Wolfe.

A small Arcola home displays two large Nazi flags over its porch.  The owner won't take them down despite numerous objections.  He's protected by the constitution.  The right to free speech.

WAND News woke up Sally Biddy who lives nearby proudly displaying her American flags.  Her father was a World War II veteran.

“When I stepped out my door and saw that, it upset me a great deal,” Biddy stated.  “Thank God he's not here anymore to have to see it.”

Another neighbor says she tried to talk to the man that owns the house but he would not remove the flags.  WAND News knocked on his door but there was no answer.

Outside the home is a truck with “W.P.W.W.” lettering on a rear window.  The Anti-Defamation League says it stands for “White Pride World Wide” a white supremacist group.

WAND News found out about the home after receiving tips from several viewers.

(Pictured is an Arcola, Illinois home displaying Nazi flags on September 30, 2014.) 

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