Macon County History Museum to hold World War I presentation

DECATUR - On October 11, the Macon County History Museum will feature a guest speaker, who will present a special discussion on World War I.

Dr. Dan Guillory's presentation, "One Hundred Years: The Meaning of the Great War," will start at 1:30 p.m.  During the presentation, Dr. Guillory will discuss what life was like immediately before the war, the causes of the war, the generals and principal politicians, and the major battles, with special attention paid the the American Expeditionary Force and new technology.

Dr. Guillory will also examine the culture of the trenches, the role of women, and daily life during the presentation.  The program will also feature blow-ups of vintage photographs during the war years and quotations from poems and letters of combatants.  Admission costs two dollars.

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