Charges filed in battery of 2-month-old infant

URBANA - A central Illinois man has been charged with the aggravated battery of his two-month-old daughter.

Anthony Wilkins, 19, was charged in Champaign County on Wednesday.  Police say the infant's mother picked her up from a relative's house, where Wilkins was taking care of the infant.  Police add that the mother took the infant to the hospital because the baby was having trouble breathing.

Authorities say when the baby arrived at the hospital, doctors found that she had suffered several internal injuries, indicating that the baby had been squeezed or took several blows to her back.  Authorities also say during interviews, it was revealed the infant was likely squeezed because she wouldn't stop crying.

Officials say the infant is expected to recover from her injuries.  Wilkins faces a maximum of 30 years in prison if convicted.

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