Judge Rules on Hearsay Evidence in Cutler Trial

     DECATUR-They're the statements that give a voice to a dead woman. Normally, they're not admitted in trial. But a judge decided to allow them in the upcoming murder trial of Chad Cutler, charged with murdering his wife, Lisa Cutler, back in 2012.
    Judge James Coryell ruled that hearsay evidence will be allowed.  The judge found that Lisa would be a protected person under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act.
    The judge writes that he considered factors like the motivation of the witnesses and the consistency and validity of their statements among other things.  He also cited a case in Macon County where hearsay evidence was admitted.    
    The evidence presented at a hearing a few weeks ago paints a fuller picture of Lisa's life according to others, with a few people testifying that Lisa feared for her life, and feared Chad.   
    Prosecutors are trying to prove that Chad killed because she was going to divorce him and to get life insurance money.
    Attorneys will conference with the judge on October 31st.  They will discuss setting a trial date.  

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