GOP Claims "Slush Fund" Takes Local Money

Springfield – The politically charged race for governor is seeing Republican lawmakers claiming the Quinn Administration is once again funneling state tax dollars into questionable Chicago programs.

“Yes, I am going to use the term slush fund,” declared State Senator Dale Righter, (R) Mattoon.

The lawmakers say Quinn has moved $5 million dollars out of programs designed to help at risk kids in central Illinois, including Decatur, Champaign and Springfield,  into programs in Chicago to help his reelection bid in the closing weeks of the campaign.

“Here we are in the weeks before yet again a bitter, divisive, and what we all know will be a close November election,” State Senator Jason Barickman, (R) Bloomington, told WAND News.

The lawmakers claim this is similar to the more than $50 million that was poured into a Chicago anti violence program in the 2010 election cycle.  Some of that money cannot be accounted for and is the subject of state and federal investigations.

Senator Righter pointed to one agency in particular.  “The last time they had this money they spent it on a golf outing,” he said.

Governor Quinn's office calls the charges a “baseless allegation.”  They say the money that was transferred was used to pay existing bills.  They go on to say no local providers had their budgets cut.   

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