Who Responds to Emergency Calls in Taylorville?

Taylorville- A special city council meeting was held in Taylorville on Monday night and the topic of discussion was saving lives.

When someone is sick in Taylorville and dials 911 there are two private ambulance companies available, Dunn's Ambulance and Sutton Ambulance Service. 

After years of having two companies respond to emergency calls, now some council members are on board to allow the fire department to respond to an emergency call.

Taylorville Alderman Ray Koonce said, "we've had other incidences of some of the private sectors late arrival times and getting lost."

So some councilmen want a change implemented.

"If you call 911 they rotate through the services. This will not be rotated between all three of them. This is just if they only specifically request the fire dept," Alderman Koonce added.

"I do believe that the tax payers of the city of Taylorville should be allowed to have a choice," Alderman Earl Walters said.

Aaron Sutton thinks this decision will take money from his business.

Sutton said, "If we get shut down due to lack of business then i'm concerned about not just the city of Taylorville, because they would have the fire department, but. . . the rural towns in Christian County. What are they going to do about their ambulance service?"

"I hope that none of us have set up here want to even take the chance that we would finance an operation that's going to put one of our businesses in town out of business," Alderman Rob Heberling said. 

However, in the end it boils down to saving lives.

The vote passed on Monday night 6-2 Koonce said. Next the city attorney will draft an ordinance to allow the fire department to respond to an emergency. Then that draft heads back to the council for final approval.

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