Local group to purchase Quincy Gems baseball team in installments

QUINCY - The Quincy Gems baseball team is set to be purchased by a local group, which agreed to pay $120,000 in installments over the next three years.

The Quincy Civic Center Authority has already received one $18,000 payment from Gems BB3, LLC for the Quincy Gems baseball team.

Gems BB3, LLC is owned by four Quincy residents, including Quincy Gems general manager Terry Martin, and team's longtime manager Chris Martin.  With the purchase, Terry will become the team's president, and Chris will become the new general manager.  The other two owners, Jimmie Louthan and Julie Louthan, will become the team's new vice-president and secretary-treasurer, respectively.

Gems BB3, LLC will make two more $18,000 payments in 2015 and 2016, with a final $66,000 payment to be made in 2017.

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