Grandfather of Domestic Battery Victim Speaks

Scrolling through photos of his grandson, Jatavian, Derrick King is remembering the good times.  Jatavian is currently in the care of Memorial Medical Center in Springfield after an alleged violent episode with his father, Derrick's son Joshua.   

"My grandson was afraid of his father," said King.

On October 2, 2014, Jatavian's father, Joshua was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic battery.  Police say he forced his son's hand into extremely hot water as punishment for using too much soap.  Derrick is glad his son and grandson are finally separated, however, he says he's been trying to get that to happen for months.  In august, he reached out to DCFS after seeing marks on Jatavian's body, only to find out that Jatavian's mother, who doesn't live with him, already reported it.  When she did, DCFS found nothing conclusive.

"She said well I went over there and I found nothing wrong,” said Derrick King.  “I asked her did you ask my grandson where these marks came from? And she said, oh, he said they came from different places or something like that.  I said my grandson was coached into saying that because he is afraid of his dad.  She wouldn't believe me." 

The DCFS hotline gets 900 to 1,200 calls a day.  About 28 to 32 percent of those calls get turned into actual investigations.  Jatavian's case was investigated when his mother called.

"They'll talk to the parents,” said DCFS spokeswoman, Nora Harms-Pavelski.  “They'll talk to the children.  We ask the family to identify people that we should talk to.  They'll gather all that information.  And then they'll weigh it in terms of evidence. "

Jatavian is still recovering at Memorial Medical Center.  Jatavian's father, Joshua, was arraigned on Wednesday.

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