Caring Black Men Hold Law Enforcement Public Forum

Decatur- Situations going on around the world and specifically the unrest in Missouri have community leaders in Decatur being proactive and addressing any issues between law enforcement and community members before they happen.

The Caring Black Men held a public forum in hopes to create a better line of communication with law enforcement and the public.

Questions that were on the minds of people in the community, were written down on a piece of paper and addressed by city leaders. Questions like how should young black men act when approached by police?

"You have some that are very apologetic and then you have some that want to be involved in debates." Law enforcement with the Macon County Sheriff's Department said listening is key when pulled over by police.

"It's not like police against citizens. We are citizens as well," a panelist said.

When it comes to the unrest in Missouri, Evyonne Hawkins said her grandson wants to know how can police action against citizens be prevented? 

"His first response was these guys are following direction and they are still being shot. So there's a lot of confusion around our kids as to what do we do?" Hawkins said.

"Officers have been trained to keep themselves safe and other officers safe," said Decatur Police Lt. Shannon Seal.

Because they have families too.

"I have the same routine I do everyday before I go out the door. I line up my three kids, I hug each of my kids. I give them a kiss," said another panelist.

Vital messages learned throughout the evening for all.

"it's not a black issue or a white issue I think it's a community issue," Hawkins said.

Issues Caring Black Men are aiming to get solved one step at a time. Other topics were discussed, for instance, racial and criminal profiling, snitching and the proper protocol for getting someone out of a vehicle when pulled over by police.

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