Rose Warns Of Income Tax Hike

Decatur – Downstate GOP State Senators are sounding the warning of a pending tax increase.  An increase likely to be debated after the November election.

“This is government at its worst,” said State Senator Darin LaHood, (R) Dunlap.

The temporary state income tax is scheduled to expire January 1st.  It would drop from 5% to 3.75%.  But Governor Pat Quinn (D) has called for the legislature to make the tax permanent.  He would like to see lawmakers take action in the fall veto session which starts November 19th.

State Senators Chapin Rose, (R) Mahomet, Jason Barickman, (R) Bloomington and LaHood are telling voters in Decatur and Bloomington to ask their lawmakers on where they stand on extending the tax.  The tax was initially raised on a temporary basis 4 years ago.  Many votes came from lame duck lawmakers who were leaving office and no longer accountable to voters.

“The cover of darkness you had people who were lame duck legislators who campaigned their entire careers on anti-tax suddenly became pro-tax and some of them later got jobs in the Quinn administration,” Rose told WAND News State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.

“There was lots of political favors that were traded at the time and bordered on corrupt behavior,” LaHood told WAND News.

The fall veto session lasts 3 days in November and another 3 days in December.  Lawmakers could also tackle the income tax in a lame duck session in January before a new legislature is sworn-in to office.

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