Vermilion County insurance costs to rise amid concerns over building

DANVILLE - Vermilion County officials say insurance costs for one of the county's buildings is increasing due to concerns about an adjacent vacant skyscraper.

Bresee Tower, a  93-year-old 12-story structure in downtown Danville, is the tallest building in the county.  It has been vacant since 2006, and in 2012 it was placed on Illinois' Ten Most Endangered Historic Places list.  According to Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer, Bresee Tower's exterior falls away as it weathers, and that debris could damage the adjacent building.

Nikki Bogart, Financial Resources Director of Vermilion County, says insurance costs are rising by 30 percent as a result of Bresee Tower's crumbling exterior.  The rising insurance costs will increase county costs by about $50,000 a year.
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