Quinn Gives Decatur $10M For Highway

Decatur – It's an election year and Decatur is cashing in on its share of state money.

Governor Quinn came to the city with the states checkbook to make an initial payment of $10 million for the South East Beltway project.  The bypass will connect Interstate 72 and Route 51 around the south and east sides of Decatur. 

“If you don't invest you don't grow and you don't have the jobs you should have,” Quinn told WAND State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.

Quinn says the 22 mile highway, which will cost $150 million, will create hundreds of jobs.  “Our philosophy is if you're breathing we want you working in Illinois,” Quinn stated.

It's likely the legislature will have to pass a new capital bill before the remaining money will be available to complete the project.

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