Decatur Public Schools Addresses Concerns at MacArthur High School

DECATUR - WAND-TV has received several calls and messages about concerns at MacArthur High School in Decatur this week. We have received a news release from Decatur Public School officials regarding these concerns. We've included the release below:

"Decatur Public Schools has started receiving inquiries regarding a MacArthur High School staff member who traveled to South Africa - 3000 miles away from the region in Africa where Ebola is prevalent. With the current concerns of this in the news, we wanted to let our families know that our staff member has spoken with the Macon County Health Department and was not deemed to be at risk. The staff member also followed–up with a visit to their personal physician and was cleared to return to work.

The employee did not intend to cause concern for District families or staff and has chosen to not work directly with students to ease the concerns of district parents."

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