2 Men Hurt in Springfield Building Collapse

Two men are recovering from minor injuries after a building collapse in Springfield.  Officials say it happened around 1:45PM, Friday afternoon,  on the 2300 block of Wabash Avenue.  The building is a strip mall under construction.  Officials say a group of men were doing construction on the roof when suddenly it caved in.  When the Springfield Fire Department got to the scene, two men were trapped.

"A couple of them were still in the collapsed zone," said Captain Andrew Sandhaas.  "Crews made entry and packaged up the patients and got them out of the zone as quickly as possible."

The two men hurt were treated at Memorial Medical Center.  The cause of the collapse is still under investigation.  The Springfield Fire Department is teaming up with police to determine exactly what happened.  They believe that high winds are to blame, but that has not been confirmed.

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