City Council Talk Inland Port, Noise Ordinance

     DECATUR-They're carefully trying to plan out the future of the inland port and the land around it
    Council will vote to accept a 250 thousand dollar grant from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.
    They've already accepted 180 thousand dollars from the Department of Transportation
    That money will go to a firm to study the transportation and infrastructure needs related to the port.
    City Manager Ryan McCrady says they will hold public hearings and use public input.
    The idea is to study the best way to grow the roads and transportation around the inland port.  With a large, long-term plan the city manager says the city can avoid the high cost of doing piecemeal projects.
    The city will also hold a study session about the noise ordinance.
    Effective or excessive? That's the question city council asked tonight about decatur's noise ordinance.
    You can get a ticket in Decatur if a police officer hears your music 75 feet away from your car.  And your car can be towed for the first violation.  There's also hundreds of dollars in fees.
    In order for the ordinance to change it would have to come up for a formal vote at council.

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