Minimum Wage - The Push For $10

Springfield – The battle is on in the final weeks of the 2014 election season to raise the Illinois minimum wage.

It currently stands at $8.25 an hour.  An advisory referendum would encourage the legislature to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour.

“Some people I know are working two, I even know people working three jobs and are barely getting by,” State Representative Sue Scherer, (D) Decatur, told WAND News State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.

Café Moxo, located at 411 E. Adams Street in Springfield, pays its workers $15 an hour plus benefits.  The owner tells WAND News the wage has reduced employee turnover.

Ed McGrone, a low wage worker who helps people with disabilities, earns $9.05 an hour.  Supporting his family and making ends meet is a constant battle.

“It's very hard to get healthy food,” McGrone stated.  “If you go to get a loaf of bread now its $3.  A gallon of milk, they're $4 in some places.”

(Pictured: Cafe Moxo)

Businesses and conservative groups like Americans for Prosperity (AFP) argue raising the minimum wage would hurt the Illinois economy.  Driving business to other states.

“It's already one of the highest in the Midwest,” said AFP Illinois State Director David From.  “To make it even higher would make us even less competitive against other states who are fighting for jobs.”

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