Rolling out Changes to Bring in Golfers

 DECATUR-Over the past 20 years, the number of rounds played has dwindled from nearly 200 thousand to just 78 thousand. So now, they're trying to make the game faster and cheaper to bring in more golfers.
    The park district is going to use Scovill as their entry golf course.
    They're going to try to create a fun atmosphere with music in the pro-shop and even on the green.  They will also have food and drink deals.
    And another driver, they are bringing down the price.  It will be nineteen dollars for nine holes and a cart rental and twenty nine dollars for 18 holes and a cart rental.
    To make Scovill a bit more friendly to new golfers and a faster course in general, they will make the course easier to play by cutting the rough shorter and eliminating some of the bunkers.
    Golf Manager Kurt Rogers to get more people to golf, it boils down to time and money.
    "That time factor is huge," Rogers says.  "They can't spend all day at the golf course and then there's only so much money allotted for recreational activities."
    At Scovill they also plan to have golf sets available for people who might not own clubs.
    You'll see these changes next season, when weather permitting, the course will open in March.
    The prices at the district's two other courses will remain the same.

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