Rauner - Quinn Dead Heat

Decatur – It could go down as a classic in the race for Illinois Governor.  Incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn and his Republican challenger Bruce Rauner are in a statistical dead heat with under two weeks left before election day.

“I predict this election is going to be decided by a couple of thousand votes,” Rauner told supporters Thursday at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Decatur.  “These corrupt politicians they don't want to lose their power.  Boy, they are all closing ranks.  They see I'm going to shake it up.”

A new Chicago Tribune Poll shows Rauner with 45% of the vote.  Quinn at 43%.  The margin of error of 3.5% makes the race a toss-up.  Libertarian Chad Grim is at 4% with 7% still undecided.

Rauner says jobs for the Decatur area are a top priority if he elected.

“We have some of the highest corporate taxes in America.  I'm going to reduce them,” Rauner told WAND News State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “We're going to get the regulations and taxes lower then I'm going to travel the nation recruiting companies to come to Decatur.  We're going to get this done.”

In addition to Decatur, Rauner also campaigned Thursday in Bloomington and Champaign.

 (Pictured: Bruce Rauner in Decatur on October 23, 2014)

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