Two Brothers from Mahomet Get National Attention for Song about Bullying

Meet Kyle and Kade Kinnamon of Mahomet, Illinois.  As of Thursday evening, thousands have seen their moving music video about bullying.

"Last year, I was bullied," said Kyle.

The song is called, "Leave me be."

"They would call me like really bad names," said Kyle.  "They would get me in a headlock."

The rough ride sent 13-year-old, Kyle, deeper into his place of peace.. music.  Kyle discovered he had a knack for singing when he was younger.

"I just started singing a lot and then I realized, wow, I'm good at this," said Kyle.

Good at singing and writing, both kept Kyle strong through last school year, until, he gained the courage to speak up to family and teachers.  After a much needed intervention, Kyle became bully-free.  Now he's spreading the message that there is a way out.

"I just want people who are being bullied to stand up and say what they need to say."

This week, The National Bullying prevention center along with celebrated Unity Day!  As part of the campaign, Disney called upon kids nationwide, to send creative videos about bullying.  Kyle, and his brother Kade, discovered the opportunity last week, made a music video in days, and sent it in.  Yesterday,the video was on the web.  

"Like in the hallways, everyone's like congratulations," said Kade.  "Like everyone I pass."

And he's not too shy to brag.

"It made me feel pretty great."
This isn't the end for Kyle and Kade, they both have dreams of becoming big time musicians.

Check them out yourself:

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