Truth Test: Sizing Up Political Ads in the Callis vs. Davis Race

Decatur – Within hours of Republican Rodney Davis winning a close race for Congress in 2012 Democrats had targeted him for defeat in 2014.  Davis quickly became one of the top targets in the nation.

The choice for Democrats is retired Judge Ann Callis.  Her ads attack Congressman Davis for protecting perks, including first class air tickets.  

"I've never personally, or on the taxpayers' dime, ever bought a first class ticket in my entire life," Davis told WAND News. 

Another Callis ad claims Davis spent $40,000 in D.C. steakhouses.

"I don't recall ever submitting an invoice or a receipt for a single piece of food to the taxpayers let alone $40,000," Davis said.

Callis, however, stands by her ads. Part of the problem for Callis has been a series of missteps.  In an early TV interview she could not explain why Davis should be replaced in Congress.  Published reports show she failed to pay some real estate taxes on time.  As a Davis ad pointed out, Callis' name showed up on documents listing a Missouri address while living in Illinois. 

"To question my residency is despicable," Davis told WAND News. Callis says she had to sign the documents because of Missouri law.  "My husband had property that I had no interest in. As his wife I was compelled to sign those documents," she said.

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