A Change in Polling Places

Macon County- Three polling sites in Macon County have moved for this election.

Hickory Point polling sites 2 and 8 have moved from the Plumbers' Hall to St Paul's Lutheran Church , the former Bachrach Building, 1 Bachrach Ct.

Decatur polling sites 4,7,14, and 31 have moved from Prairie Ave. Church to GT Church, 500 S. 27th.

Decatur polling sites 18, 19, 22, 27, 29, and 30 will all vote at Christ United Methodist Church, 1503 N. Summit. Some precincts formerly voted at West side Church of Nazarene.

All voters should have been notified of the change in their polling place by receiving a new voters card and household letter.

If you are not properly registered to vote or a new voter; You must grace period vote at the County Clerk's Office , 141 S. Main St. , Room 119, Decatur. Please bring two forms of identification with you containing current address.

Remember you signed a certification on your application attested that you are a qualified voter at that address.

To check if you are properly registered to vote go to: www.co.macon.il.us/votinginformation/registrationlookup.aspx.

Election night after the polls close follow Macon County election results at il.macon.accessliberty.com

For more information call 424-1333.

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