Decatur couple celebrates 50 years of marriage after blindness brings them together


DECATUR--A Decatur couple is celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss, after a lack of sight brought them together. 

Rich and DeeDee Adams say communication is what allows their relationship to stand the test of time. 

"We were just able to, to just talk and talk and talk," said DeeDee. "And we just are able to tell each other everything, and we're just best friends."

They are also husband and wife. But even though Rich and DeeDee have been married for 50 years, they've never laid eyes on one another. 

"I was going to the Iowa School for the Blind," said DeeDee. "And Rich was going to the Missouri School for the Blind."

"I had said going into college, that I am never going to marry a blind girl, " said Rich. "Even though I knew DeeDee a little back then."

But after striking up a correspondence with a lot of typing and tapes, the couple started their future together, answered their callings, and taught others how to navigate through a life without sight. 

"We would go from a bunch of different schools that had visually impaired kids," said Rich. "And then I would help them to get large print things, or talking gadgets."

While raising five children of their own that are not visually impaired. 

"I just loved reading with them," said DeeDee. "And they have available, they're print books but they have an overlay of braille on them."

"We had to learn how to do all the different techniques and stuff and cope with not having the vision," said Rich. 

Now those techniques are being passed down to Rich and DeeDee's 17 grandkids. But the best advice they can offer their family is to not less life pass them by. 

"We live one day at a time, and each day is a gift," said DeeDee. "Life's too short to be gloomy."

And for the last half a century, Rich and DeeDee have been bringing light into each others lives. 

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