Nearly 2,000 in Macon County Have Voted Early

 Election day is right around the corner and hundreds of people have already picked who they want as their next politician.  In Macon County, about 1,900 voters have filled out a ballot, to be exact.  It seems as though more and more voters are coming out as the election nears.  Macon County Clerk, Steve Bean says last Saturday, only three people voted.  But on this Saturday that just passed, there were about a hundred.  I spoke with a couple of early voters who say it's all about convenience.

“I'm afraid I'll miss, you know, the election on the day of,” said early voter Anthony White.  Or get tied up with too much traffic.  I like to get it done when I have time on my hands, and this is perfect."

The clerk says that about 70,000 people in Macon County are registered to vote.  He expects 30,000 people, all together, will vote.  And 5,000 of them will do it early.

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