Taking a Stand Against Cyberbullying

 Springfield- Six panelists spoke at a town hall meeting at Springfield High School Commons on Tuesday to talk about ways to stop cyberbullying.

Springfield High student Ronnece Cropp was one of the panelists. She talked about being bullied by girls, males and parents.

"The first threat I got was on Facebook and I got text messages being called out of my name and I just showed my mom like we have to show the school in case they really do hurt me," Cropp said.

Cropp said it started with the word bipolar. It got physical, and everyone involved were suspended. 

Before it gets physical, Christine Feller, an Internet Safety Specialist said, parents should get involved.

"Work with them with that technology, unfriend people, unfollow people, [and] yes you're right document it.  Take screen shots so you'll have proof of what has happened," Feller said.

That is because even though people are hiding behind phones and computer screens, "you never know what a person is capable of until they don't like you anymore," Cropp added.

Once a message is typed, it is no longer a secret. Authorities can track the sender down and whoever is involved could be charged with a felony tied to 30 different criminal charges.

Feller said it's a good idea for parents to control what they can control.

Cropp has this advice for kids, "do not respond at all. Stay strong. It gets better and do not give up. You will find somebody that will stop and listen to you."

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