Truth Test: Sizing up Political Ads

Decatur – Linda Little's TV ads have been blistering attacks.  Until a commercial hit the airwaves in the last few days they have been missing one thing.  Linda Little.

Little, (R) Decatur, is running for state senate against incumbent Senator Andy Manar, (D) Bunker Hill, who was elected 2 years ago.  The majority of her TV ads have been attacks on Manar while she does not appear in the ad at all.

“I have to point out differences,” Little recently told WAND News State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “I'm pointing out things that he has done in the state senate that I disagree with.  If that's an attack, we're both running on his record.”

Little's ads claim Manar supports an increase in the state income tax.  It's a false claim in direct conflict with Manar's long held position.

“I'm opposed,” Manar stated.  “I think we have to spend the money we have better.”

Little defends the way her campaign has been handled.  “The decisions he's making in Springfield I do not believe properly represent this district,” she said.

Manar's ads have heavily focused on what he has accomplished since being elected in 2012.

“I hear from voters that they want to know what have you accomplished,” Manar said.  “Our communication thus far in the campaign has been explaining major successes that I've been a part of in the legislative process over the past two years.”   

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