County Clerk Warns about Department of Human Services Registrations

     DECATUR-The Macon County Clerk says one state office has had some problems with turning in voter registration applications and making sure they are properly filled out.
    The county clerk  says he's received a number of applications from the Department of Human Services in Macon County that are invalid.
    If you don't sign and date your registration form, they're not valid.  Bean says he's had several like that.   
    Bean also says employees from that department have been turning in registration applications after the deadline.
    He says he will allow voters with the late applications to vote in their precincts tomorrow. But he says the people who did not sign or date their forms will have to come to his office to re-register.
    "These people should not be denied the right to vote because a public servant didn't do their job properly," Bean says.
    The deadline to register in Illinois was October 7th.  You can still register on the day of the election, but only in the County Clerk's office, and with valid proof of residence.
    If you'd like to see if you're registered, we've added links to our website.  Just click on sitewatch.

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