High Turnout in Macon County

 DECATUR-When the votes are counted, there will likely be more than 33 thousand votes cast in Macon County, according to County Clerk Steve Bean.  This tops 32 thousand voters, four years ago.
    Tuesday morning, the line was out the door at Maranatha Church, a polling place in South Shores.  And it was that way again after four in the afternoon.
    Many people had to stand in line and wait to cast their ballots.  In fact, they had to bring in more voting booths.
    Bean says nearly 500 people same day registered in his office. This is the first time they've extended grace period voting until 7 pm on the day of the election.
    At certain locations, they had to turn voters away, because they were no longer registered.  Those people had the option, however, of going to the county clerk's office.
    Bean says there were a few hiccups, such as outlets not working, and some computer blips, but otherwise, the election went fairly smoothly.  Now they wait 14 days, for the rest of the mail-in ballots to come in.

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