Illinois voters pass 5 statewide ballot measures

ILLINOIS - Illinois voters passed all three statewide advisory questions and both proposed amendments to the state constitution during Election Day this year.

The first advisory question, which asked if Illinois' minimum wage for adults should be raised to $10 an hour by January 2015, passed 67% to 33%.  The second, which asks if prescription contraceptives should be covered under health insurance plans that cover prescription medication, passed 66% to 34%.  The final advisory question, which asks voters if the state constitution should be amended to impose an additional 3% income tax on incomes greater than $1 million for the purpose of funding school districts, passed 63% to 37%.

The first proposed amendment, which expands the rights of Illinois crime victims, as well as gives victims the ability to enforce their rights in a court of law, passed 78% to 22%.  The second, which prohibits any law that would disproportionately affect Illinois residents' rights to vote based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, orientation, status as a member of a language minority, or income, passed 71% to 29%.

Illinois residents should note that the three advisory questions were put on the ballot to gauge the opinion of the voting population on those issues, and as a result, are non-binding.
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