I-Team: Scammers Use Technology to Mask Caller ID

     DECATUR-Caller ID Spoofing is a way for callers to mask their real name and number, and is increasingly being used by scammers to trick you into picking up the phone and giving them personal information even money.
    Jodi Stewart of Decatur got a call on her home phone.
    When she looked at her caller id, it appeared to be coming from her own number and even displayed her name.
    A man on the other line told her she qualified to lower her credit card rates.
    He asked her to say her credit card number over the phone which triggered her suspicion that the caller was trying to scam her.
    Stewart says the caller was persistent and called her back four times.
    She didn't give any personal information and even called her credit card company who told her they would never call the customer to negotiate lower rates.
    Oftentimes, scammers pretend to call from the IRS, the FBI, local police offices, or even a major bank.  Cyber experts advise consumers to be wary of trusting the caller ID.

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