Business Leaders Hopeful Rauner will Improve Business Climate

     SPRINGFIELD-Governor elect Bruce Rauner ran on the promise of Shaking up Springfield.
    Business leaders and small business owners wand spoke with are hopeful he'll shake up the business climate in our state.
    The Illinois Chamber of Commerce rallied behind Rauner in the race for governor.
    And now its' members are celebrating his win.
    They're hopeful Rauner will focus on fiscal stability through pension reform, tax reform, and building jobs and the state's economy.
    Illinois Chamber President Todd Maisch says the state needs to change.
    "I just think there's a renewed sense of hope that there's a real opportunity for change of direction for business owners whose day to day issues like workers' compensation reform, civil justice reform, we talked about minimum wage, that those now have a real opportunity for thorough discussion, and hopefully removed from the partisan nature of the discussion," Maisch says.
    Rauner has publicly stated that he'd like to reduce the income tax rate and keep property taxes flat, while making a billion dollars in cuts.

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