Latino Community Reacts to first Latina Lt. Governor of Illinois


 The new governor's election includes a special victory for the Latino community.  Bruce Rauner's Lt. Governor is already making history through her heritage.  Her name is Evelyn Sanguinetti. Tuesday night, she became Illinois first person of Latin American descent to earn the seat of Lt. Governor.  Bruce Rauner announced her as his running mate last year, catching many by surprise.  She's been a large part of his outreach to Latino voters, a community with pretty unique goals.  Do they think she'll help achieve those goals?  

Jorge Chapa is a professor of Latina/Latino studies at the University of Illinois.  He's been discussing what this victory means students like Christina Diaz.

"I'm happy for that," said Chapa.  "That's great."

Christina agrees.

"I'm very excited."

But, both sound a little unsure.

"I'm also very skeptical," said Diaz.

"I'm a little more worried than I am concerned," said Chapa.

Sanguinetti's win has a bittersweet taste.  She ran alongside Republican, Bruce Rauner.  Professor Chapa and Christina say their policy views don't align with the needs of Illinois' Latino community

"They've both been very critical of taxes in Illinois," said Chapa.  "They both want to cut taxes.

"She being Republican, to me that says, well, that's very, you know, anti-immigrant, anti state funding for public universities, anti, you know, social services," said Diaz.

"Higher education," said Chapa.  "Public services.  I just don't see how the state's going to meet those needs if it cuts taxes.  Latinas like and need quality public services and they're expensive."

It's too early to determine if Sanguinetti will please or disappoint, but one thing is for sure.  All eyes are watching.  Evelyn's father immigrated to the United States from Ecuador and her mother entered the country as a Cuban refugee.  Evelyn prides herself in coming from nothing, yet finding success. She has said many times

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