5 SIU students recognized for saving family from house fire

EDWARDSVILLE - Five college students who saved a family from their burning house have been recognized by central Illinois officials.

On Monday, the five Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville students were awarded plaques from the Edwardsville Fire Department for their efforts during the September 6 fire.  Officials say the five spotted a home on fire at about 1:00 a.m., and stopped their car to help.

SIU student Brittany Evans says she and two other students called 911 while the other two pounded on the home's front door.  The students say a young girl answered the door and said she wasn't supposed to open the door for strangers.

The girl, her brother, their parents, and their pets were helped outside the home by the students.  No injuries were reported, and officials say the students stayed with the family for about three hours while firefighters attempted to put out the fire.
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