I-TEAM: 9 Volt Battery Fire Dangers


Decatur – They sit in your junk drawer.  Maybe in a bag in your basement.  Or, in a cardboard box in your garage.  They could start a fire and burn your house down.

9 volt batteries can spark fires when they come into contact with other batteries or metal items like coins, paper clips, keys or steel wool.  Most people don't think about it.  Toss the battery into a drawer and close it.  While a simple spark could set paper or tissue on fire without you knowing it.

The state fire marshal in New Hampshire issued a warning after a junk drawer fire sent smoke throughout the first floor of a home.  The woman living in the house had placed a 9 volt battery in a baggie with several other batteries placed in a junk drawer.

Another house in Colorado was gutted by fire.  The fire started when 9 volt batteries were placed in a paper bag in a garage.

Fire departments suggest taping the terminals of 9 volt batteries with electrical or duct tape when storing them.  Some batteries even come with small plastic caps.

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