Healthcare Exchange About to Open

     DECATUR-Healthcare dot gov is online and live for window shopping.
    The department running the website says it's confident the website will run much smoother this year.
    The exchange opened up last night, so people can go on the site and look at health insurance plans before open enrollment starts November 15th.
    The Department of Health and Human Services hopes that people will use the site.. to see the new subsidies and plans available this year.
    Kenna Foley at the Macon County Health Department says it could be a good idea to shop around, because there are more options available than last year.
    "Well, there's going to be more plans offered this year, so in Macon County, there's like 50 offered this year, compared to last year, there was only 36," says Foley.  "So there might be a plan that's better fitted for someone, and also the plans from last year, they can change.  So insurance companies can change how much things are going to cost."
    Healthcare dot gov runs the exchanges for 37 states. Illinois is one of them.

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