Snow is Here!

 Snow.. snow.. and more snow!  Yes, it's here.

"I am so angry."
"I just could not believe it."
"Huuhhh, I'm going to have to scrape the car off."

Dozens of Decatur residents work up to snow on their roofs, and cars.

"Not only was it snowing, it was like, blistering cold."
"I don't really mind the cold personally, but the driving in the snow is never a nice experience."
"I'm never ready for that."

And neither are farmers, hoping to finish the fall harvest.

"The biggest deterrent for us to get our fall work done is if the ground was too wet and we had these issues here in the last two weeks where there were soft spots in the field," said Decatur farmer, David Brown.

Because of rain, but then the cold temps came, making those soft spots hard again.

"So as this ground gets cold, it firms up and we're able to get our tillage tractors across through there a little bit easier," said Brown.

But the with the cold comes the snow.

"Six to eight inches of snow that would kind of put an end to harvest and then you'd either have to wait till it mellowed off or till spring," said Brown.

And with a few weeks worth of work left to do.

"We'll be going until mother nature says you're done," said Brown.

Leave it to mother nature to have the final say.

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