Illinois State Bar Association making effort to change DUI law

ISLAND LAKE - The Illinois State Bar Association has submitted a bill to the state Legislature in the hopes of making a change to the state's DUI law.

Current Illinois law states that drivers with any amount of an illegal drug in their system can face a DUI charge, even if they weren't under the influence of the drug or were at fault when a serious accident occurs.  The Illinois State Bar Association says the state's DUI law should not apply to drivers who were not impaired at the time of an accident.  

The bill that the Illinois State Bar Association submitted cites a 2011 incident in which Scott Shirey faced homicide charges after he was involved in a crash caused by a distracted driver.  Shirey's son died in the crash.  A blood test revealed that Shirey had marijuana in his system, but Shirey's attorney argued it was from smoking the drug one month prior to the accident.
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