Salvation Army Aids Troubled Vets

Decatur – Veterans lined up at the Decatur Salvation Army Friday to find assistance from local social service agencies.

The services ranged from job assistance to haircuts, flu shots, HIV testing, blood pressure screening and a hot meal.

“We're reaching the homeless in the streets,” Lucy Brownlee of the Coalition for Veterans Concerns told WAND News.  “We're reaching veterans who are out there who are not homeless but at risk.  Who are one paycheck away from losing everything they have.”

Jeff Mueller of the Salvation Army assisted a Bloomington vet who just became homeless two weeks ago.

“He's lost his home.  He's lost his income,” Mueller told WAND's Doug Wolfe.  “He's struggling to get VA benefits.  And he's in the process of going to a homeless shelter after years upon years of being self-sufficient.”

The Salvation Army assisted nearly 100 people in one day.

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