Consumers Already Buying Rock Salt

 Shipped and unpacked.

"We have all of our rock salt in," said salt dealer, Shelley Wallis.  "We've ordered one truck load so far."

Rock salt is the key to melting ice on the ground, keeping it safe to walk and drive on.  Local businesses, like Garver Feeds in Decatur, have already sold more than they anticipated.

"Some of the guys that do the ice melting for the hospitals and things like that, they've already come in and pre-bought," said Wallis.

Terry Kenney, who runs a local Ace Hardware, has sold salt to about 50 people.

"One church came in," said Kenney.  "I mean the day we got it in, they were in here.  They bought about 5 or 6 bags of it and stuff.  They just wanted to have it."

But he's not surprised by the early demand.  Last winter, many people waited until the last minute.  

"Last year, it was hard to get," said Kenney.  "We kept running out and stuff.  People would come in.  No one had it and stuff, and they'd have to wait."

Kenney says last year's shortage has had a longer effect than expected.

"What my suppliers are saying is that they're kind of in short supply right now.  So, you might want to get it when you can.  They used so much last year, and they're just trying to catch up from what they had to produce last year."

That's why he ordered his salt months in advance this year, to be ahead of the game.

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