Illinois lawmaker proposes "Historical Racing" gambling machines

SPRINGFIELD - A southwestern Illinois lawmaker is pushing legislation that would boost the horse racing industry by allowing individuals to place bets on old races.

State Representative Dwight Kay introduced the legislation that would allow so-called "historical racing" machines.  The machines would allow people to places bets on previously-run races that are stripped of any identifying markers.  

According to Kay, horse racing tracks could benefit from the money that would be generated while state legislators take another look at a statewide gambling expansion.

Previous attempts at expanding gambling in Illinois have failed, as Governor Pat Quinn has vetoed those plans twice before.  However, Governor-elect Bruce Rauner said that he wouldn't oppose expanding gambling throughout the state if communities supported it.

Currently, Arkansas and Kentucky allow "historical racing" machines.  The use of the machines in Texas is set to be argued in court.
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