Southern Illinois judge takes fracking injunction case under consideration

EDWARDSVILLE - On Tuesday, a southern Illinois judge heard arguments over a preliminary injunction that would stop new rules for hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," from taking effect.

Last week a group of landowners filed a lawsuit, claiming the Illinois Department of Natural Resources violated multiple procedures as it wrote rules that would regulate fracking in the state.  The lawsuit alleges that the IDNR didn't have an agency representative available to answer questions at public hearings, and did not consider scientific studies while making rules.

Madison County Judge Barbara Crowder heard those arguments and took the case under advisement.  Crowder will likely give her ruling on Friday, the same day that the Secretary of State's office could publish the fracking rules as official.

According to an Illinois Department of Natural Resources attorney, the rules became official after they were approved by a legislative panel on November 6.
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