Road to Recovery: Tuscola Family Raises Heroin Overdose Awareness

 Jordan Scribner was a friend, brother, and son.

"He liked everybody.  He was nice to everybody," said Jordan's mother, Linda.

His sister, Elizabeth Ingram, added that,"always had a smile on his face.  He was friends with everybody."

He was part of a Tuscola Warrior football team that would finish second best in the state.  He was quiet a player who lead by example.

At just age 20, the boy they called 'Petey' would end up dead from a heroin overdose, leaving everyone in his life in shock.

Less than a year later, Jordan's mother says she feels for other families who have seen this addictive drug creep into their lives, robbing them of a loved one.

"When I found out it was heroin, it was very scary.  It's crazy how many people are affected by it.  It is definitely to bring out awareness and compassion for the parents and friends, even the person."

Sadly, Jordan isn't the first in his family to face an addiction to heroin.

Linda Scribner says that,"it's so difficult.  I don't even know how to handle it.  In one hand, it's like you saw what happened, you should be able to fix it yourself.  And on the other hand, i know that they can't by themselves."

For those who use, but are unaware of the pain they cause family members watching the addiction, some words to think about from a sister.

"Myself and other siblings would try and talk to him and give advice, but he didn't want to take anyone's advice.  He thought he knew what was best for himself.  It hurt us tremendously losing Petey, and having others that are still struggling with those demons in their body is still hurting us.  And we try and give them words of encouragement and help so that it doesn't lead to the path that Petey went down," Ingram added.

For a coach who saw Jordan at his best, only to fall to his worst, his death changed the way this coach looks at his players' lives off the field.

"It just makes you mad.  You feel cheated and you're cheated that you don't get to see him all the time.  I've taken great pride and try and get to know the kids and a little bit about their background and always have an open door policy.  Of course when something like that happens with Petey, you just can't help but think back, what did i miss, was there a sign or something that you missed that you could have helped," said Tuscola football coach Rick Reinhart.

While the hurt of losing Petey still lingers, The Scribner's do have hope that by sharing his story, others can learn.

"The family is the one that has to deal with it the rest of their lives and if we help just one person then we're helping that one family and that's all we can hope for," said Jordan's sister Elizabeth.

A competitive person like her son, Linda Scribner says her family will be hosting a 'Pace for Petey 5K,' and an awareness day next August in Tuscola.

One family being brave, and hopefully, starting others on the road to recovery.

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