Logan County Board approves zoning request

LINCOLN - During a meeting on Tuesday, the Logan County Board approved a zoning request that would allow farmland in Elkhart to become an expanded coal-waste storage site.

Logan County Board members voted 10-1 in favor of Viper Mine's zoning request.  St. Louis-based Arch Coal, who runs Viper Mine, said they would shut down the mine if about 300 acres of farmland wasn't approved to be rezoned.  According to mine officials, the expansion was needed due to the existing storage site being close to capacity.

However, several individuals opposed the rezoning efforts, stating that they wanted the mine to stay open but were worried about the health and environmental repercussions the proposed storage site could have.  An attorney who represents a local group of landowners asked the board to deny the rezoning request, saying the storage site is close to Elkhart's water supply.

Mine officials have said that they will adhere to all environmental regulations.
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