Illinois woman found mentally fit to stand trial

SYCAMORE - An Illinois woman facing charges of murder and aggravated battery in the death of a 15-month-old boy has been found mentally fit to stand trial.  

Authorities say Jessica Breuer was found mentally fit to stand trial.  Breuer's public defender says he accepts the evaluation, but claims Breuer is still having hallucinations.

Police say on April 23, Breuer was watching 15-month-old John Hawks while the boy's mother slept nearby.  Authorities say Hawks bit Breuer during this time, and that Breuer became so angry that she squeezed Hawk's neck for approximately 10-to-12 minutes.  

Police also say Breuer called 911 when she noticed Hawk's body had gone limp.  Hawks was taken to the hospital, where police say it was revealed he had suffered a brain injury, and later died.

If convicted, Breuer could face life in prison without the possibility of parole.
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