Proposal to Sell the Decatur Public Library

The Decatur Public Library could see major changes soon.  The library board is in talks of selling its building to the Decatur Public Building Commission.  This is a joint effort involving the library and the Macon County Administration Building.  Officials say both facilities have too much space and want to converge.  There's a private company interested in buying the 8- floor administration building.  So the county wants to sell it to them, and then move into the unused space in the library.  That includes most of the second floor and the annex building in the library's parking lot.  The Macon County building commission is responsible for finding space for county offices.  According to the proposal, the commission would purchase the library for 3.1 million dollars.  Members of the library board and the Macon County Board say this is smart move financially.  If the administration building is sold to private investors, it gets put back on the tax rolls, putting tax dollars back into the community.

"It will save the library money, said president of the library board, Jim Alpi.  “It will bring stability to the library.  It will take care of future needs in that complex for improvements.  And it will save the county a little bit of money also."

The 3.1 million dollars also includes enough money for addressing the structural challenges of the library such as leaky roofs and a faulty air-conditioning system.

However, everything is still in the planning stage.  The Macon County Board will hold a couple of public meetings before signing a deal.

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