Ferguson: Opening Lines Of Communication

Decatur – Months of distrust and now more violence in Ferguson, Missouri.  Relations between police and the African American community are deeply strained.

In Decatur, law enforcement and the minority community have been working to open lines of communications for several months.

“I thought having a dialogue here in Decatur would maybe address some issues on the front end as opposed to having things happen like they did in Ferguson,” Jeffery Perkins of Caring Black Men told WAND's Doug Wolfe.

Law enforcement agencies like the Macon County Sheriff's Office have also been working to build better relations in the African American community.

“It's about communication,” stated Lt. Tony Brown.  “I think that you have to have a dialogue.  And I think that's something that we've worked at very hard and tirelessly on as far as establishing between law enforcement and the African American Community."

(Pictured: Burned out St. Louis County Police car in Ferguson, Missouri)
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