Man Helps Feed Homeless for 13th Year

     DECATUR-Most of us are thankful for a roof over our heads, a job and our families.  But for some they're just thankful to have a meal on Thanksgiving and to get inside out of the cold.
    This is the 13th year Vinnie Barbee has served up lunch at the Water Street Mission.
    He cooks smoked turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes and green beans.
    He feeds between 75 and 100 people each year.  The money to pay for the meal coming from friends and out of his own pocket.
    He says he's thankful for the opportunity to give back to the homeless.
    "I like to cook, I like to eat and I like to see the look on their face when somebody's trying to help them," Barbee says.  "And you know what, I feel it in my chest, in my heart that this is what we need to do."
    And of course it wouldn't be thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie and tasty desserts.
    He hopes the meal will continue next year, but acknowledges it puts a strain on his resources.

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