When Black Friday Starts on Thursday

 The only Target in Decatur opened its doors at PM on Thursday.  The line, outside, starting forming at 1.

"We stayed in line for about 2 hours," said one shopper.

"It was wrapping all the way around to the parking lot at the end of the building," said another.

Most shoppers knew exactly which deals they were waiting for.

"These Dre beats."
"I needed a new phone."
"Xbox 1."

The savings were huge!

"I'm going to save probably about 80 bucks."

Another shopper saved, "probably about 3 or 4 hundred."

The trend of starting Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day is fairly new.

"A couple years ago we would have this tradition where we go at midnight, or like, a little bit before midnight, but now the stores are opening on Thursday at 6 or 7 o'clock," said Mahmoud Elrakhawy.

Shoppers say the extra day may be why the store isn't as chaotic as usual.

"They got the system better than they ever have," said Debra Miller.  "I mean, before it was cut-throat and all that.  They have organized it so well.  I'm happy."

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