Thanksgiving travel at highest since 2007

CHAMPAIGN--Thanksgiving weekend is usually one of the busiest for airports and highways across the country, and this year was no exception.

More than 41,000,000 hit the road.     

"It's the first family road trip so we thought we'd see how we would do," said Gloria Kois, who drove from Illinois to Florida with her family.

Another 3,500,000 took to the skies.

"The flight going from Monroe, LA to Dallas was pretty full, and the flight going from Dallas to Chicago was pretty full, so yea, all of them were pretty full," said Demario Bolden, who flew into Champaign's Willard Airport Sunday afternoon after spending the holiday with family in Louisiana.

Because this Thanksgiving weekend, the number of people visiting family and friends rose by four percent.

"I think this year Champaign has picked up a lot because the flights are always full," said Sheila Charles, a flight attendant for American Eagle. "In general, Chicago is always busy. So yes, in general you do kind of see a little pick up here and there."

Enough of a pick up to make this year's holiday weekend the most traveled since 2007, with an estimated 46,000,000 people taking trips between Wednesday and Sunday.

"People were already in the holiday spirit trying to get home to see their families," said Bolden.

Averaging about 550 miles to get there and back.

"It turned out to be great," said Kois. "My husband's already to do another road trip. Everyone is safe and we had a great holiday."
But with the holiday season just getting started, experts predict that travel trends will remain on the rise until the end of the year.
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